Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Morning = Bittwersweet

One more day to cram everything in that we haven't seen yet! I can't believe the trip is almost over already. It is true that you can never see 100% of Rome. There is always something else, something new that you haven't seen. It all gives me plenty of reason to go back when I have a chance. We'll be headed to the Piazza del Poppolo today to see a great view of the city. The piazza is north of the spanish steps and is on top of one of the 7 hills of rome offering great views. The piazza also is home to a church that has works by Carravagio and Rafaello in their collection. This should be a great way to cap off the trip before we celebrate with dinner tonight, the "Last Supper."

Yesterday after Borghese, James, Samone, Brian, John and I went and toured Palatine Hill and the Capitoline Museums. The view from Palatine Hill is stunning, looking back on the the many domes of the city and all the Roman monuments. The museum itself contains famous sculptures of ancient Rome that you can actually get close enough to reach out and touch, there are no barriers. The museum celebrates Roman history so it also has a great collection of paintings some of which are more than 2 stories tall. We finished the night by taking Fred Gruber and Brian Crowley out to dinner on us for the help they've given us navigating around the city. Thank you guys so much because we would have been SOOOOOOOO lost in this city without your help.

Many groups are in Assisi and Florence today and we're all anxious to see how their trips went tonight when everyone will be together for one last night in the eternal city.

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