Saturday, March 6, 2010

a whimsical flight out into the night

So i'm sitting here in the terminal, sitting at the gate, waiting for the plane. Our first group has left Dulles and our second group is waiting, likely boarding in Baltimore. And our last faithful group is chilling at gate B44 in the Dulles airport - drinking coffee (Emily), reading Eclipse (Kelly), talking with significant others (CatRod), and trying in some vain attempt to stay awake even though my body is calling me (very loudly so) to sleep.

Part of me just can't believe this is happening -- and despite the tough things in the last 24 hours, I am so incredibly excited that I get to visit Italy... Rome... so soon!

So here's a quick recap~

our group of 5 left from Oakland at 4:45ish... we finally got out of the greater Pittsburgh area by about 6:15 PM. Basically, TRAFFIC IN PITTSBURGH SUCKS. On the other hand, we had some good bonding time and learned that for the most part, John is a great driver and makes good time. We also learned that 5 people in one car who had barely eaten all day WILL stop to eat at a Cracker Barrell at 9:10PM and be THOSE PEOPLE in the restaurant. Also -- it takes me a solid hour to 90 minutes to finish a meal /takes out triangle golf tee game and tries to solve again before taking another bite/ *OMNOM* The food was SO GOOD though. And Catherine will buy me little 99-cent egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers for my wedding gift someday. :D
We finally got into Maryland (in an area that I felt ALL TOO FAMILIAR with due to my getting lost in the DC area for the March for Life events in January) and pulled up to the motel. A police car followed us into the lot and when we went into the office to get our room keys, we noticed that the reception area was enclosed by bulletproof glass. Yes, 2-inch thick bulletproof glass. That was our first sign that perhaps this area was a bit sketchier than we had hoped.
So me and Catherine went up to our room and lo-and-behold, there are bloodstains on the carpet (SMOOTH CRIMINAL) and on the chair in the corner. SO SKETCH. I was freaking out, almost crying,.... okay, that's a lie. I was definitely crying. So we left and John took us to the theater to see Alice In Wonderland. First impression - very good, very simple movie. In that respect, it's very Tim Burton. In another, the sheer beauty of the world that he created - was classic Burton and i LOVED that. I would recommend seeing it on the big screen while you have the chance. :)

ALSO - please pray for Chad's mom who was going to come with us. She fell at the Oratory yesterday and got hurt and now will not be able to join us on the trip. :(
Please pray for her quick recovery and peace of mind. :)

Oh -- last thing. PLEASE PRAY FOR US!
We all have intentions that we're taking with us so please just say a quick prayer that we grow and learn much about ourselves and God's will in our lives.

I love you all~!


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