Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok. To explain Aimee's post, let me just say that I went the wrong way around the Vatican. Big deal. I knew where the place was, I knew how to get there, I just didn't choose the fastest route.

As we aproached the pizzeria (one I was set on returning to when I came to Rome five years ago), these thoughts crossed my mind: It's Monday, at 3pm - there's a good chance that the place is closed, and it's been five years since I ate there, the pizzeria could very well have closed up for good since then. Needless to say I was praying pretty intensely that I'd come across the restaurant soon. I committed myself to entering the nearest open eatery and claiming that it was the actuall destination. The next place was THE place... by the Grace of God.

Today was swell. Touring the crypt of St. Peters, and seeing his relics. Pretty awesome.

More tours of Rome courtesy of Brian Crowley. Fun as ussual.

Time's running out for my computer rental, so this is all for now!

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