Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gelato, rose wine, and O Sole Mia (pizza) + awesomest tours of all time

So today we went SO MANY PLACES!

We started off the day with quick impromptu breakfast at McDonalds... yes... they have pastries and yummy muffins and donuts at McDonalds here... no McGriddles or any American-type shenanigans. Then we ran/rode across town to the Vatican Museums, where we toured the Vatican Gardens and Museums. Within those spaces alone are enough SRZBZNS beautiful awesome rooms that I could go on for hours. Unfortunatley, I have 10 minutes left on this computer. maybe.

So... we went to see the Gardens. They were BEAUTIFUL. And from every angle you could see the dome of St. Peters! There were parrots and beautiful pathways and fountains and just so many beautiful little pieces of nature among the huge sprawling city.

Afterward, in the museum we got to see many many sarcophagi and tapestries and paintings. But the most stunning of all was easily THE SISTINE CHAPEL. I have no way to put completely into words the beauty of this space. Michelangelo transformed the potentially dull barn of a church into something that has yet to be rivaled (and which I doubt will ever be).

St. Peter's was so much more than what I expected, and I was so happy to see the Bernini Holy Spirit altar '-- most beautiful in the world, I tell you.

Also. We took a horrendously long walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the perimiter of the Vatican. Basically, some of us wanted to strangle James by the end, but out of mercy and love and charity and all that wonderful virtuous stuff that we've been praying for this whole time, we didn't.

Catherine and I went to a gelato place and look at some of the shops in the Termini after dinner today, and then ended up trying to get 'just a small pizza' and had a pizza each and rose wine. BTW, my pizza had egg on it. YES.

I have to say, I'm glad that I'm trying to fit in as much as possible from the city here, but i really feel like I haven't done as much as I could, and that I won't do as much as I should while I'm here. Oy. But it's beautiful, and such a wonderful experience.

Oh -- and in case you were wondering, the people on this trip are perfectly capable of debate.

And on a final note -- 'no humility without humiliation.'

<3 aimee


  1. Sounds awesome so far, can't wait to til you guys come back, take plenty of pictures where and when you can!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear James is still breathing. Be safe! Be holy! Ciao!

  3. St. Philip: "Be humble, be lowly."